Cultivate is a whole-person development experience for young adults – In partnership with the Reaching a Generation group, young people will also gain exposure in their field of interest, such as: business, hospitality, ministry, relief + development, agriculture, education, missions and more! This is a one-of-a-kind gap year – Helping you not only to grow personally but empowering you for your future professional life.


Our aim is to cultivate the purpose and passion in the lives of young adults as they pursue God’s promises for their future.


Cultivate is a year to equip young adults to become mature and healthy leaders through training, mentorship and education.


As a program of Celebration Church – This program provides young adults the opportunity to take a gap-year close to home.

As a part of Cultivate, young people will serve their community, live in communal housing, volunteer at the local church, study practical courses to earn Continuous Professional Development points and be given world missions opportunities.

Cultivate is a one-year, full time course focused on preparing you for life beyond matric! This program will help you to find your calling, develop professionally, build your relationship with God, be trained in ministry, learn more about relating to others and experience character development.


Are you interested in joining the Cultivate program? We know that God has a plan for each individuals life, and we would love to walk with you as you grow. 


If you’re interested in joining the family – space is limited, so apply today! 

Cultivate is more than just your normal Christian gap year program. We know that God’s calling on individual lives may not always been in full-time ministry and we want to help you pursue whatever gifts and callings the Lord has put on your life.

By attending specific courses with Reaching a Generation Leadership Academy you will be award Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points that you can apply to your future education.

This year of your life will help to develop you for whatever you choose to do. By offering you the ability to partake in adventure missions trips,

loving God, loving people!

A life giving community of believers serving Mokopane and beyond!